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Grind & Seal Flooring Solution

Do your old concrete coatings need a refresh? Are your floors worn down and in need of a solution? Transform your concrete floor from drab to fab.

Considering Grind and Seal?

Grind and sealed concrete is exactly like its name. The process involves grinding your concrete, then sealing with a topical sealer.

We recommend this concrete flooring application for clients who want a floor that is protected, industrial, durable and that looks nice, but keeps the concrete’s natural characteristics.

The preferred sheen determines the final topcoat solution. However, the grinding, surface prep, and concrete repair, will be done regardless of sheen selection on every grind and seal project.

What does grind and seal look finished?

Like the look of a nicely finished concrete floor? Grind and seals can take on several different looks, depending on the final sheen choice, as well as the aggregate underneath the top layer.

Why choose grind and seal?

Grind and seal floors are best in lower traffic areas, where you don’t mind resealing every couple years approximately, or whenever the sealer starts to wear away. Or, you will have to wax the floor to maintain it if we apply a coating instead of acrylic sealer.

It is a good choice for office buildings, some residential concrete floors, restaurants and really any other flooring that needs fixed up and protected.

The concrete grinding process in a grind and seal does not go through as many steps as the concrete polishing process, but it still turns out smooth and looks nice.

What is the process?

The grind and seal process is a combination of preparing the surface, grinding the concrete smooth, repairing in cracks or holes, and cleaning the surface, and then sealing or installing a coating on top. It is important the concrete is prepped properly, so that the sealer or coating can adhere to the surface.

We use state of the art equipment and high-tech materials, as well as highly skilled labor to complete all projects. Our dust-containment system is beneficial for trapping the concrete dust that the grinding machines create, which will help eliminate dust. When you grind concrete, heavy amounts of dust are created in the process.

From Start To Finish, We’ve Got You Covered

  • Our team will grind the concrete with engineered concrete floor surface grinders to remove any contaminants from the existing slab.
  • Next, our team fixes cracks and divots in the floor are patched with patching material as necessary.
  • Depending on your floor goals, the concrete may be ground again with finer diamonds to further smooth the floor. If the concrete is soft, porous or free of contaminants, a second pass may not be necessary.
  • Then the surface is properly cleaned.
  • Lastly, your concrete floor is sealed with a topical sealer.

Depending on your floor goals, requirements, and your space, we’ll recommend the best type of sealer for your project. Softer, more porous concrete may require multiple additional coats of sealer. This is common in residential settings.

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