Polished Concrete

Attractive. Durable. Available at a great price.

High-End Polished Concrete Flooring 

Polished concrete keeps the same basic advantages of concrete and expands on them for flooring that is extremely attractive, durable and still available at a great cost.

Resistant to chemicals, abrasions, and wear

The Process of Polishing Concrete

The process of polishing concrete requires grinding down the top layers of a concrete slab to create a perfectly smooth, non-porous, and often glossy surface. 

The resulting floor offers a range of benefits over other flooring types that include:

  • Enhanced Durability – Concrete can withstand damage from dropped tools, temperature extremes and heavy traffic. Polished concrete creates an even more durable surface that is resistant to corrosion and other forms of damage because it is non-porous and less susceptible to penetration from moisture and other corrosive debris.
  • Low Maintenance – A non-porous surface means dirt, liquids, bacteria, and other debris cannot get stuck beneath the surface, making maintenance as easy as wiping up spills and cleaning dust with a broom or mop to keep your floors looking their best.
  • Beautiful Appearance – Polished concrete can be finished to a variety of gloss levels to create a bright and professional looking space. Combining stains and aggregate exposure levels can help you further customize your floors.
  • Efficient and Durable – The smooth surface of a polished concrete floor is easy to move around on for people and equipment. Because of its reliable durability, it is also unlikely to develop faults and cracks.
  • Affordable – In terms of flooring options, concrete is one of the most affordable materials available and polishing offers an extremely cost-effective way to get an attractive and durable floor at a great price.

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